Songs About People I Know

by Stricken City

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"Fleshed out, full of flourish and wonderfully ramshackle, Songs About People I Know is a series of small successes in slightly askew songcraft. Rebekah Raa finds a way to captivate without much apparent effort and, much like Polly Jean Harvey, conveys an awful lot even when she doesn't seem to be saying much. If anything, it's all over way too soon. If only they knew more people." 7.5 - PITCHFORK

"What makes Stricken City stand out from the bunch of new UK indie bands currently attempting something along similar lines is a palpable sense of belief and passion about their music married with a willingness to experiment beyond the sometimes narrow confines of the genre. A thoroughly engaging listen from start to finish.” BBC MUSIC

"If this was the early ’80s, Stricken City would be label mates of Orange Juice, as this mini-album features eight of the prettiest, shambling C86-style pop nuggets since the Postcard era. With gawky, naive charm in abundance, this will be an album to make many a student sigh dreamily as they lovingly scrawl I ♥ Stricken City onto their pencil cases in Tippex.” 8/10 - NME

"Most of the songs chime like late-1980s new wave; pop harmony choruses and galloping, celebratory riffs. The splintered words are more contentious, full of tensions between parent and child, between friends, between lovers. Now and then the misgivings surface in the music too, to show there’s depth behind that chipper exterior." NEW YORK TIMES

"We’re so enamored of the shambolic harmonies on Stricken City’s debut, we are going to invite them to every slumber party we throw henceforth. I can't decide what I like better about them - Rebekah Raa's heart-bursting vocals or the rackety power-chords giving gravity to her siren voice. The best song is the matter-of-fact "PS": 'You're So Boring / You're So Normal', a lyric which, admit it, runs through all our minds 300 times a day. Stricken City, you are the pathos!" FADER

“Artful Brit disco has offered up plenty of brooding boy singers to moon over, and now this London-based quartet gives us a captivating frontwoman in Rebekah Raa. It swings moodily from tough, angular clang to tender, introspective melodies. Singing breathlessly of boys and boredom, Raa plays the charismatically pouty bedroom diva, asking, "Whatever happened to old-fashioned romance and dancin' and singin'?" 8/10 – SPIN

“Oozes with fun and spontaneity. Scratchy guitars are complemented by Rebekah Raa’s syrupy vocals, fragile and slow-burning like Alison from Young Marble Giants on ‘Sometimes I Love You’, yet hiccupy and Bjorky on ‘PS’. A bit more of this and we could easily fall in love with Stricken City.” 4/5 – THE FLY

"About as thrilling as anything you will hear this year. This is music of a different class.” 8/10 – CLASH


released October 14, 2009

All songs by Stricken City



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